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Finance Colloquium


April 11, 2012 (14.30 - 16.00, room I-063, ContiCampus)

The Valuation of Hedge Funds‘ Equity Positions

Alexander Kempf
University of Cologne

April 18, 2012 (14.30 - 16.00, room I-142, ContiCampus)

The Impact of Financial Crises on the Risk-Return Tradeoff and the Leverage Effect

Bent Jesper Christensen
Aarhus University

April 25, 2012 (14.30 - 16.00, room I-142, ContiCampus)

Disentangling Demand and Supply Shocks in the Crude Oil Market: How to Check Sign Restrictions in Structural VARs

Helmut Lütkepohl
FU Berlin, DIW

May 16, 2012 (14.30 - 16.00, room I-142, ContiCampus)

Sex Matters: Gender and Prejudice in the Mutual Fund Industry

Stefan Ruenzi
Mannheim University


Research colloquium in finance (course no. 77782)

(Members of the Finance Group)